Mats Ekholm



Professor Mats Ekholm, was born in 1944. He became Doctor of philosophy in 1976 at the University of Gothenburg. His dissertation was about Social development in schools. From 1990 he is Professor of Education at the University of Karlstad in Sweden.

From 1968 to 1976 he worked in different positions as researcher at the University of Gothenburg. During the period 1976 to 1990 he was the Director of the National School Leader Education at the National Board of Education in Sweden. From 1990-1999 and from 2005 and onwards, he has been professor of Education and leader of the research group on school development and socialization at the University of Karlstad, Sweden where he now is professor emeritus. From 1999 to 2002 he held the position as Director General of the National Agency of Education of Sweden and in 2003 as Director General of the Swedish National Agency for School Improvement and in 2004-2005 as Director General at the Ministry of Education, Stockholm.

Mats Ekholm have been member of several Swedish governmental committees on Education and Schooling. He has been working for several Swedish authorities and research councils. He has also worked within the Council of Nordic Ministers, the OECD, the Council of Europe, UNESCO, and for the ministries of Education in Denmark, Estonia, Germany, Indonesia, Norway, Sweden and Sri Lanka. He has been member of several scientific advisory groups in different scientific foundations.

Mats Ekholm is the author of more than 200 scientific texts. He has published several books and articles for an international audience as well as for the Swedish market. Most books deal with long term school development, social development, school leadership and school organization.